Friday, February 28, 2014

Experimental Tee Dress

  This dress came about because I was wondering about full skirts, no waist seam, and knit fabric.

  I was pretty sure that if the skirt portion had no curved waist seam that the fullness would all tend towards the side seams, so I decided to test it out and see.

  With only 5 pieces (front, back, sleeves, neckband) this sewed up really quickly. I used a tee pattern for Booper that I'd previously drafted, cutting it off at the waist and adding a very flared skirt. The sleeves and hem are finished with a serged lettuce edge, but since this knit barely stretches, it didn't ruffle much.

  I'm not really happy with the neckband... this was as short as I could get it and still have it fit the neckline, and it doesn't lay flat. I could have made it narrower.... that might have helped. =)

  As I suspected, you can't really tell that the skirt is full when it's wearer is standing still, which would probably look great for an adult but isn't my favorite look for an almost-four year old. Luckily, Booper doesn't stand still much.

  She loves this dress! I'm glad I made it for her even if it's not quite what I was envisioning. =) The knit is from Girl Charlee a couple months ago and is lightweight but barely stretchy. The exact knit I bought is all gone, but this new one has a very similar print.

 I have a grey corduroy dress for Booper done too, and am debating adding a sash... that one should be up soon! =)

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    1. Those adorable deer are the sole reason I bought too much of this fabric. =)