Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Refashioned Denim Skirt

I've made a few things in the past week, but I think this skirt will get the most use of all of them:

  When I was pregnant with Booper, I sewed a maternity skirt that was really similar to my circled skirt. I wore it throughout that pregnancy, and until I shrank out of it afterward, and again for both of my other pregnancies. Over time, it developed a few small holes, which I took the time to mend because I really loved it. Sadly, it developed a giant, un-mendable gash a few weeks ago. Most of the fabric was beat up and faded, but the flounce was still in decent shape, so I cut it off for future use.

  This skirt is 2/3 of that flounce, gathered onto a wide piece of elastic. I thought that using the elastic as a waistband would be pretty simple, but I actually prefer a casing. Straight-up attaching the elastic requires careful attention to stretching it equally in front of and behind the presser foot... and if you let go with either hand to adjust the fabric you have to stop sewing or the fabric will 'jump' forward or backward. Which means my stitching line is rather imperfect.... which means that I prefer casings. =)

 Being most of a circle, it is quite twirly:

  I unpicked the hem near the back seam before sewing it, serged it to finish the edges, and then re-hemmed just that spot. I prefer doing it that way so the ends of my serging are hidden in a seam.

  It's a very simple skirt, but it will get a lot of use. Oh, and this one wanted her photo taken as well:

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