Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I'd Like To Do In 2013

  I've never really made resolutions, but this year I do have a list of goals that I would love to accomplish. I think having these in writing will make them easier to remember, so now you get to see them too. I have several non-sewing related goals, but I'm just going to share the sewing ones here. I will probably add to this list as I realize more things I want to do. =)

In no particular order:
1. Draft a new sloper, and get this one to fit right.
2. Make a princess-seam version of the sloper.
3. Make this top with my stretch lace fabric
4. Find a solution to my disorganized fabric supply
5. Make a fitted dress for myself from woven fabric.
6. Make a dress for Booper from formal fabrics
7. Sew a few unique knit tops for myself
8. Learn how to create PDF patterns
9. Sew casual sweaters/ jackets for both girls
10. Make a hoodie for my husband
11. Sew more with fabric I already own
12. Learn how to tailor my husband's clothes, especially his pants
13. Find something I really love making to sell
14. Sew myself a circle skirt with a fun trim detail and horsehair braid.

 I know most of the things I want to sew are for myself... but it is much easier to find cute kids' clothes inexpensively than clothes for adult women (especially ones that fit right) and kids' clothes are often simple spur-of-the-moment projects that don't require a lot of planning.

 These aren't hard and fast resolutions, just things that I want to keep in mind throughout the year. Anything you think I should add, or anything I should remove?

Thanks for stopping by!

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