Monday, January 21, 2013

Ruched-Side Top

  I've mentioned this shirt I was making a couple times now. It's been finished for a while now, but I've been putting off posting about it because I'm not really sure if I like it, or the way it fits.
 Here, see for yourself... the lone photo that came out all right:

  I started off with a white knit sheet, cut out my pattern pieces (I lengthened my basic tee pattern and altered the armholes a little), and dyed those pieces what was supposed to be cranberry red. It looked close to what I wanted until I washed it, at which point it faded to a bright orange-y scarlet. I was going to try painting a pattern on top in a darker shade of red to mellow it a little, but I didn't have enough red paint left for a good pattern, so I left it off.

  I originally cut the sleeves two inches longer than wrist length, so I would have plenty of room to hem them, but even though I pre-washed my fabric the sleeves shrank by several inches when I dyed them. Now they are an awkward two inches above the wrist, which is why they are pulled up in the photo. Oddly, the bodice pieces didn't shrink.

 When I altered the armhole, I failed to alter the sleeve to match, and ended up with a sleeve that was too wide. Rather than cutting it narrower to fit, I ended up gathering the cap of the sleeve... another thing I don't really like. Gathered sleeves look cute on everyone else but I feel like I have linebacker shoulders when I wear them. Granted, they look fine in the photo... I just don't like them in real life.

  The ruched sides were simple... I just cut the bodice longer than I wanted it to end up, and stretched and sewed a piece of elastic on the inside to gather it up. I should have played with my pattern pieces a little more there though too, since I needed the shirt to be a little wider in the hips and bust, and a little narrower in the waist.

  The one detail I love about this shirt is the neckline gathers, which are the main idea that led me to make this shirt. Again, it was just a small piece of elastic stretched from point to point and sewn down. I tried it on and did a little pinching to check the placement and length before I sewed.

  Besides the neckline gathers, there is one thing I'm happy with about this shirt and pattern... the back armscye now fits properly.

  At any rate, I'm glad that I used inexpensive fabric for this one! Here's hoping I like the next top I make a lot better.

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  1. I have a sweater that looks like the same color, I love it for fall! look so skinny! ;D


    1. It is a nice fall color, just nothing like I was aiming for. =) Thanks! I wish I felt skinny =)

  2. Well, I really like it! Orange is my favorite color and the cut is cute.

    1. Thanks. =) Orange is my husband's favorite color too, and he also really likes the style of this shirt.