Thursday, July 26, 2012

Refashioned Shirts

  So, I'm in the middle of sewing some stuff up for the girlies-I completed matching skirts for them and am halfway done with the first shirt. Since they aren't done yet and I want to have both sets finished before posting, I thought I'd show you all some refashions I did about a year and a half ago.

  The first one started with two grey t-shirts, both a little stretched around the neckline and a little plain.

 They became this:
   In case you are wondering, that is my second of three versions of my Circled Skirt... the first two had maternity waistbands, but I wore them even when I wasn't pregnant until they became too old and faded.

   Back to the shirts... I left one whole, and added pin tucks around the neckline to help raise it up a little. I cut the other up, and pleated a strip of it to add to the neckline, as well as adding a bow.

  I also made ties from the cut up shirt, and attached them at the sides of the new shirt as I was taking it in and adding a sewn-down strip across the front:

  That shirt also was worn until it wore out... in fact, I loved it so much that every now and then I pull it out and wear it again, although it has holes and is now too small.

  The second shirt started as a clearance rack man's shirt:

  But I loved the colors so I bought it and altered it a little. I cut the sleeves to just longer than the elbow, made new cuffs and put the sleeves into them with a little pleat, and cut the rest of the sleeves up for ruffles. I also took the sides of the shirt in so it wasn't so sack-like.

  Luckily, I have broad shoulders so that part was only a tad too big... not enough to worry about altering. And yes, this shirt still has buttons on the wrong side, but it's really not noticeable.
  I still wear this one. =)
  So try it! Find a cheap shirt on sale and alter to your heart's content, if you make a mistake you aren't out a lot of money or a lot of work. You can even take shirts that would otherwise be tossed to practice on.

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