Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Shirt My Daughters Love

  I had this lovely fabric (a textured poly double knit) that I bought a couple of months ago from Sincerely Rylee, and decided on a whim to turn it into a peplum shirt for me. I used my usual knit shirt block, but with width added at the side seams to accommodate my current size, cropped it at the waist, and added a full-circle skirt.

  However, I wasn't very happy with the results! Although I'd based the shoulder-to-waist length off a shirt I love, it didn't work as well in this fabric and pulls up in the front.... I should have made it longer in the front by about an inch. Also, this fabric has a much softer horizontal stretch, so the width at the side seams was too much. It wasn't flattering, and the way it bubbled out over my belly didn't help. Still, my daughters gasped in delight when they saw it!

  I decided to add two box pleats under the bust to draw in some of the extra fabric... but that only accentuated the belly problem! What probably would have worked better is shirring the back, since that would smooth the front instead of bringing the extra fabric there.  

  I'll probably still wear this shirt, because the fabric is just lovely, but I'm not particularly happy with it. At least it twirls? And my sweet little girls tell me I'm pretty every time I put it on. =)

  It looks better when I tighten my abs as much as I can... so maybe in a few months it will be more flattering, and the size reduction when I stop nursing will probably help too.

  Good thing I have a little bit more of this fabric, and some in black/white as well! ;-)

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  1. From head on, it looks really pretty! I can see why your daughters love it. And I can see what you mean about the extra volume over the front. It would probably have the same effect on me...

    1. Thank you! Yeah, some styles just don't work as well after having a couple of kids. ;-)