Sunday, October 18, 2015

Red Corduroy Baby Dress

  I'm back! Although I can't say I'll be posting regularly, I took some photos of this little dress and wanted to share it.

  This dress is pretty much a copy of Tricia's lovely baby dress here, but with materials I had on hand- the wider trim was given to me, and the narrower trim was from Joann's a few years ago, as was the fabric. The snaps are heart-shaped KAM snaps, as usual. =)

  I didn't change the neckline to a square, but I did add tucks to the front bodice and skirt hem, and pleated the skirt on to the bodice instead of gathering it.

  I used the larger of the sizes included in the free pattern, because the first Itty Bitty Baby Dress I made only fit for a couple of weeks, and I added extra length to the hem too. It was a little big on Foof when she was born, but I'm happy that she will be able to wear it when the weather cools down a bit!

  The corduroy was a bit bulky around the bodice, and I didn't want to increase that bulk by doubling up on the pleats in the front, so I added two small pleats near the side seams... most of the time they aren't noticeable at all, but they helped take up that extra fabric in the skirt front. The bulk also makes the trim flip up a bit, but that wouldn't have been a problem if I'd enclosed the waist seam like I normally do. If I made this again I would probably use a lighter-weight fabric for the bodice lining.

  I didn't have to match the pleats to tucks in the back, so I just made those ones wider.

  I do love how this turned out, but I think I'd love it more with a couple of changes to make everything line up better and to reduce bulk. =)
  Obviously, sewing has been a bit slower lately, but I do have a knit dress and three shirts that have been sewn in the past few weeks... hopefully I'll have a chance to show you those soon, along with the smocked dress I made for Foof before she arrived. 

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  1. I love the heart buttons and the little touch of crocheted lace at the bottom! Oh, and the baby is super adorable, too! :)

    1. Those heart-shaped snaps are my favorite closure for just about everything, but especially baby clothes. =) Thank you!