Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Leather And Lace Coin Purse

  I've made another coin purse!

  Like the last one, I used leather for the exterior. This grey leather was stiffer than the brown I used last time, so I didn't interface it at all, and only used a lightweight interfacing on the lining.

  I sewed a strip of lace across the front, then spent 20 minutes deciding which button I wanted to use. It finally came down to a gold rose button or this one, and I chose this one because I liked it better with the silver frame.

  The sewing went pretty smoothly with this one! It was really fiddly, but I didn't have any problems except with the top-stitching, which I had extreme difficulty keeping straight.

  The real trouble started when I went to glue the frame in. My tube of E-6000 appeared to be dried up, so I decided I should pick up a new one in town, since I was heading there anyway that day.

  I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked some up, then got to gluing when I got home... only to realize I'd picked up a tube of white E-6000 rather than clear.

  I figured I'd use it anyway, and just be careful to not let it show anywhere. I managed to squeeze the purse into the frame, but it kept sliding back out... no matter how long or short a time I let the glue sit, it simply wouldn't stick.

  I finally decided to ditch the project until I could get into town again... but I'm too persistent for my own good. I couldn't leave it alone, and ended up cutting open the dried-out tube just to check if there was any fresh glue inside.

  And there was! I had to use a skewer to get the glue inside the frame, but it worked! Only, somehow when I was sliding the purse into the frame, I managed to get glue everywhere.

  Luckily, my husband had a can of acetone sitting out in the shed, and I used that to get the extra glue off. After that it wasn't so bad. =)

  I'm not quite happy with the way the top-stitching shows inside the frame, but overall I love the way this one turned out! I used a bit of the same fabric as this nursing cover I made last year for the lining.

  As with the last one, I'm not positive what I'm going to do with this one... but I'll probably sell it when I've made a few more.

  And that's about all I have to say about that. =)
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  1. Hahaha--the button would have taken me longest, too :)
    Where did you get your leather?

    1. SO hard to decide! ;-)
      If I'm remembering right, it was one of those scrap bags of leather at Joann's, but it miiiight have been Hobby Lobby. It's a bit of a toss-up what you'll get, but most of the scraps are big enough for a purse this size.