Sunday, March 11, 2018

Painted Mug

Here's another non-sewing gift I made last year- this one was for my brother-in-law, and wasn't as easy as I'd hoped it would be!

  I used a silkscreen stencil set for it, and the set was quite pricey (although I did use a coupon!), so I'll definitely have to use it again elsewhere! That part went pretty smoothly, although the margins around the letters weren't the same size from letter to letter, so it took some playing around to get them mostly even.

   But painting everything else on wasn't so easy! The slippery surface of the glazed ceramic made things go in directions I totally didn't expect. I wiped several sections off with a damp paper towel and re-did them multiple times before deeming it 'good enough'.

 I picked this mug because of the red interior, and the paints I used were Martha Stewart brand. I used red, grey, black, and yellow... I think some were high-gloss and some were satin or matte- I just picked based on color. (I already had the black from this project.)

  I picked some titles that suit this brother in law to paint on, then alternated between script, sans, and serif hands in a few colors.

  I left the opposite side of the mug blank:

  But if the silkscreen set had come with a larger version of the same letters, I would have added a large 'R' there!

  The paint seems to stay on pretty well once baked- I don't have a working dishwasher to test it with, but it didn't scrape off with a fingernail, and water didn't harm it either. And that's it for this gift!

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