Sunday, November 2, 2014

Grey Corduroy Dress

I actually made this dress in... I think it was February. However, I only got one photo of it, and it was soon too hot here to photograph such a wintry garment. Besides which, it was just plain too big. Now that it's not 90 degrees out every day, and Booper has been wearing it constantly, I thought it would be a good time to share. =)

  It's pretty simple, but sweet and cozy. I used a fine-wale grey corduroy from Joann's to make it.

  I can't remember what bodice pattern I used, but it came out quite a bit larger than I'd intended... the armholes are particularly oversized, as you can see here:

  The sleeves are self-drafted to fit the bodice, and the skirt is just a gathered rectangle. At the time that I made it, it fit like a nightgown:

  Now Booper is a good 5 inches taller! It's not nearly so night-gowny now. =)

  I had plans to make the younger girls matching dresses, but with different colored snaps in the back and coordinating sashes, but when the first one wasn't what I'd pictured I put the rest of the pieces away and haven't pulled them back out.

  Maybe I should see if they'll still work! =)

  I wanted to keep the dress lightweight, and didn't have any thin grey fabric, so I lined the bodice with white.... that would have been fine, but I didn't under-stitch, and the white peeks out around the neckline.

  The bodice is finished the same way as usual.

  I made a casing on the sleeves after sewing them up and hemming them and slid some elastic through the casings.

  That's the only part that fit perfectly when I made the dress, and now they are uncomfortably tight on Booper... but it's nothing I can't fix!

  The back snaps up with pale blue heart shaped KAM snaps. I love those snaps! I think I've told you all of the details on this dress now. =)

  I'm working on Christmas gifts most of the time right now, so I'm not posting much.... but hopefully I'll be back with my daughters' gifts in a week or so.

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  1. I really like this! It is so hard to find winter dresses for girls- the ones in the store are all sleeveless! So impractical! I plan on making some for my 3yo as I am having to hide some of her thin, summer dresses now.

    Oh, and I love the buttons in the back! The red ribbon really makes it pop, too!

    1. Thank you! She usually wears it without the ribbon, but I loved the way it looked with it so much that I'm probably going to sew it on.
      Kids don't usually pick up on the idea of wearing warmer clothes because it's colder outside, do they? =) I'm always finding 'winter' dresses that are sleeveless, or worse, with spaghetti straps. It's so silly.

  2. I love the little peeks of red! And it looks comfy and warm, and has the just right amount of twirly whirly to it :)

    1. Thank you. Me too! I was really worried that the skirt would be too narrow, but it turned out just right. =)

  3. Love it!! It's so twirly and cozy looking! I've been tempted to buy some of the shaped snaps, but I already have such a huge assortment ;)

    1. Thank you!
      It's hard not to collect KAM snaps! I really like them. =)