Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Floral Tie-Front Top

  For a few months I was looking at clothing sites for inspiration way too much. I've stopped now, because I'm simply never going to get time to sew all of the things I like, but a relic of that time is a folder chock-full of inspiration. One idea that was saved in several iterations is a tee with a faux shrug tied in the front. I wasn't sure if it would accentuate things that are already big on me, so it's taken me a while, but I finally got the courage to try it!

  The verdict? Ehh. I like it enough to wear it but I don't love it. I'll probably make it again, but with a couple changes: I'll lengthen the top layer by about 2 inches, line the front of it so the ties don't curl, and make the ties go straight across the bottom, instead of curving up toward the center. I used this knit from Girl Charlee for the under-layer and this knit for the top.

  It can wrap to the back and tie there too! I like it better just tied, without a bow, but the only photo of that came out pretty blurry.

  About those photos... I didn't realize until I loaded them onto my computer (after dark, which meant I couldn't take more. Besides, Beckers puked on me soon after these photos.) that my camera was focusing on the rocks behind me in most of them. Oh well!

  I'm wearing my pleats and panels skirt with this shirt... it's one of the few skirts I can actually wear right now. I lost enough baby weight (finally!) that most of my skirts are sliding off, but not enough that I can comfortably wear my smaller size skirts. This particular one slides down, but not actually off. ;-) Guess I just need to lose some more!

  I did a rolled hem for the ties on this, and it was miserably hard. Rolled hems and the tight curves on the tie ends don't mix. I had to redo it three times and I still don't like the results. I used a twin needle to finish the sleeves, under-layer neckline, and hem. Everything else was just serged.

  I'm so happy I got a chance to sew in my new sewing room though! It's not set up at all, so the cutting was a lot harder than it should have been, but I love that I have that room! =)

  I'm linking this top up to Project Sewn, since it happens to be in a floral. =)

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2 Years: A Look Back

  Today I have officially been blogging for two years! I was hoping to have a handmade coin purse to give away with this post.... but I just moved. Instead, I'm going to barrage you with stats. =)

  I'm still a slow blogger, so I've posted an average of  1.365 posts a week here, for a total of 142 posts since I started blogging. There have been a total of 33,240 page views here!

  My most popular post is my crossover nursing dress tutorial, with over 1,500 views on each part.

  Second most popular? My very first post, with a refashion, that was featured on New Dress A Day.

   Also in the top 10 list are (from most viewed to least viewed)

Princess Seam Nursing Dress

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Post with the most comments? This one

Post I thought would be more popular? This one

My favorite sew? This one. I've worn it almost constantly since sewing it.

My favorite craft? The flowered phone case in this post. The resin didn't hold up and is sadly cracked and yellow now, but it sure was pretty, wasn't it? =) And the case also wasn't protective enough and my mother-in-love's iphone screen got cracked, which makes me feel terrible. I just love those pressed flowers though!

Least favorite sew? This one. Although I do like my hair here! =)

Least favorite craft? The earbuds in this post... they aren't bad, I just wasn't really happy with the outcome.

Okay, that's probably enough. I have to continue unpacking!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Moved! (Again)

 Last year when I moved, I upgraded from sewing on my dining-room table to having my own sewing table in the living room. This time, I have something I thought I wouldn't have for many more years... a sewing room!

  It's currently un-decorated (we moved last week, and I've been working hard on unpacking everything) but I'm truly excited, happy, and thankful to have it! It has natural light all day, and it even has a closet that fits ALL of my fabric. =) (This photo is half of it. )

  I'm hoping to eventually get some shelves for the fabric so it's easier to see what I have, but for now this is amazing! And I have room for a real ironing board and a cutting table!

  And not only do I now have a sewing room, I have a pretty yard! This is the front... the back is about the same size but without landscaping.

  I'm rather in awe of this house, and amazed that it is OURS... not a rental!

  And that is why I currently have no sewing projects to share.... packing and un-packing is a lot of work, especially when you have way too much stuff. Only about 1/4 of the house left to go though. =)

  One more thing! I've added a couple pages to the top bar...if you want to learn more about me and my family, check out my "About Me" page, and if you want to learn more about the tools I use, check out the page titled "My Machines".

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