Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mushroom Coin Purse

  My mother is one of those people who can take photographs of very mundane objects and make them beautiful. She is especially good at photographing mushrooms, so when I found some mushroom fabric at a yard-sale last summer, it instantly reminded me of her. In honor of that, I made her a coin purse from it:

  The mushroom button came about since lace just didn't seem right for a mushroom coin purse, and I didn't already have any buttons that I loved with it. I made a button from air-dry clay at the same time as making a bunch of ornaments, as well as this tiny mushroom figurine.

  The coin purse itself is another new pattern I made. I developed it after seeing a pin with coin purse pattern pieces... I refuse to actually pin the pin because it links to a site that steals people's ideas. Anyway, the pattern still needs some tweaking. This purse was actually version number two... the first version, which mimicked the pin much more closely, was so bad that it didn't even warrant a frame, and it now belongs to Gaiw.

  The main difference between this and my gusseted coin purse pattern is that there are four pieces that meet at the bottom:

 I lined this one with some solid dark brown, like the rich earth that surrounds the mushrooms in my mom's photos.

  It was really difficult to get into the frame, so unfortunately it's a little bit glue-y on the inside, but other than that it came out well.

  I also gifted two other coin purses for Christmas... the original purple one to Booper, who has begged me to make her one just like it ever since I first sewed it, and the larger pink plaid one to my sister, because I wanted somebody special to have it. =)

  I have a lot more ideas for these, and more coin purse frames on the way, but it may be a while until any get made... my sewing machine's tension went kaput and it is now in the repair shop. I have so many ideas, and nothing to sew them up with! I'm particularly disappointed that I can't sew along with this season of Project Run and Play... but if you have time, you should definitely check out the amazing creations over there!

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