Thursday, April 10, 2014

Navy Dress With A Twist

 Multiple twists, actually. =)

  This is another flip of the Heidi and Finn Colorblocked Dress Pattern.

  I added seams and twisted pieces to the top colorblock section:

  I also cut off the built-in cap sleeve, and added puffed sleeves instead.

  I cut the middle colorblock shorter so it would end at the waist, and cut the lining to match, then I added a circle skirt underneath, on which I machine embroidered hundreds of eyelets. They aren't true eyelets, as I didn't cut the middles out. I also added eyelets on the sleeves.

 I didn't clip the threads close on the inside because I was afraid that if I did all my hours of work would unravel in the wash... I may go back and fray-check then clip them.

  I did my lining trick (tutorial soon!) to finish the sleeves and hand-sewed the waist seam. Once again, I had to wash to remove marks and I didn't press the lining well enough afterward... it isn't actually puckery!

  I planned for thread-loops on the back, but when it came time to sew them I realized I didn't have any thread that looked right, so there are temporary hook-and-loops to keep it closed until I can buy matching thread.

  I had a really hard time finding buttons that worked too! I pretty much checked all of my buttons and didn't like any of them, but I finally remembered that I had some small cover buttons, and used those with the navy fabric.

  The skirt and sleeves are finished with a rolled serger hem, for contrast, and I piped around the neckline and between the top and middle colorblock sections.

  I used elastic thread to gather in the sleeves... I'm actually surprised at how well that worked.

  The sleeves and grey fabrics are sheet leftovers, and the rest are scraps I had waiting to be used.

  This dress took me a reeeaaaalllly long time! Over 12 hours, possibly closer to 15.

  Gaiw was SO EXCITED to be getting a dress! She kept saying, "You ah makin a dwess for ME, mama!" with giant grins and sparkling eyes. =)

  And I don't have much else to say but I have a LOT of photos, so here goes... enjoy! =)

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  1. I love this dress. don't know where to start from though. i love the embroidered eyelets, the elastic sleeves, the twist, the piping in between, the circle skirt and the hem finishing on the skirt. This is a labour of love. Just great too that your daughter loves it.

    1. Thank you so much! I'd actually painted some fabric to use for the middle colorblock section too, but I didn't end up liking how it looked with the rest of the dress. I'm really happy that she likes it. =)

  2. What an amazing flip! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one to link up 2 flips! This dress took so long, but was really worth it!

    1. I actually made a third, involving knit, but my cover-stitch machine mangled the neckline and I'll need to fix it before I post about it. =) Thank you! I love the way it turned out.

  3. I love the pops of color from the twisted pleats!!

    1. Thank you, I love it too! I spent quite a while trying to decide which fabrics to use, but I still wasn't sure how well it would turn out. =)

  4. Sometimes our most time-consuming projects are our most-loved projects in the long run!! So glad you were pleased....with the time invested in it!!

    1. I am so happy that it ended up like the idea in my head...It's always exciting when that happens. =)