Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blue Baguette Bag

  It's just a coin purse, but.... alliteration. =)

  The baguette shape was inspired by a much larger frame purse I saw online somewhere, but can't remember where. I understand now why it was larger... this little thing was a beast to sew! The pattern wasn't hard to develop, although as usual it could use some tweaking.

  It is so small that I was wrestling it through my sewing machine for half of the seams... it would have been faster to hand-sew it! The gluing wasn't particularly easy either, but that is mostly because I was trying out a new glue. I used Barge all-purpose cement for this one, and it is the stickiest glue I have ever encountered, and the smelliest. I had to pick off quite a lot of glue from the frame and the fabric once the frame was in place!

  The lovely blue fabric is from Karen and the not-so-lovely lining is stash fabric from a mod-podge and clothespin project several years ago. I probably should have just gone with white lining. =)

  I don't know if I'll ever make another one of these... I like the shape but the awkward assembly takes concentration that I just don't have anymore.

  I wish I'd thought of piping this one before I had the side seams sewn... I think it would work really well on a shape like this. If I ever do make another, I must remember to add that!

  3 more things to blog about until I'm all caught up! And I have another project in the works that I'm really excited about... I think it's going to be darling. =)

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