Sunday, August 26, 2018

6 Years Old

  Hello friends! It's been quite a while since my last post... I've been a little bit deluged with life, and blogging has been pushed to the back burner. I'm 7 months pregnant with a baby boy, and along with the general tiredness that goes with being pregnant, I'm homeschooling three kids this year. So, busy. But I have some time today, and while I can't make any promises about keeping a regular blogging schedule, I think I can manage a post! =)

  Back in December, Gaiw turned 6!

  We went ice skating to celebrate, and of course I made her a gift!

  All of the girls had been wearing the knit dresses that I've made for them more than anything else, so another knit dress was an easy choice. I decided to use some BOLT knit, even though the quality is so low, just because I had enough for a full dress and it had no other plans attached to it!

  I kept this dress pretty simple- just a plain bodice with long full sleeves and a full circle skirt.

  I made the bodice a little looser than I prefer for this style, to account for the lack of stretch in the fabric.

  The sleeves are gathered at the shoulder:

  I shirred them with elastic at the wrist, then topped them off with some ties. Those ties were such a pain! I initially tried sewing them right sides together and turning them, and it didn't work at all!

  I ended up just folding the raw edges in and sewing with a straight stitch, which means the ties have no stretch, so they have to be re-tied every time this dress is worn, and they don't tie easily! But they are cute, so there's that.

  The neckline is finished with a band:

  And the sleeves and hem edges are lettuce-edged:

  Gaiw loved her dress, and loved ice skating as well! She's an interesting little girl- so sweet and shy around most people, very emphatic and loud at home.

She still loves to draw and color, and has become pretty enthusiastic about reading in the past year! She reads out loud, whether anyone is listening or not, and often purposely changes stories on the fly to make them funnier.

  She's not ticklish in the slightest, but she always appreciates a good hug! Gaiw is pretty picky about food, but very enthusiastic about the things she does like. And even though a lot of main-course dishes are unpalatable to her, she's generally happy with fresh vegetables, and is by far my biggest fruit-eater!

  Very often, I find myself frustrated with her disagreements over trivial matters with anyone and everyone, but just as often, I'm working hard and turn around to find her working right alongside me when her sisters are nowhere to be found. She reminds me so much of myself at this age.

  We love this tenacious, imaginative, shy, enthusiastic little girl! In addition to the dress, I made her a cake, but either I didn't take any photos, or I lost them, because I can't find them anywhere.

So that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Six! Wow! She looks just beautiful in her lovely dress. I love that she is so helpful to you. Acts of service may be her love language. Congratulations on the new baby! The girls must be so excited to be getting a brother! Take care and try to rest!

    1. It's just amazing how quickly those six years have flown by! Thank you. I hadn't considered that, but that may indeed be her love language. Thank you! They are delighted!

  2. Happy late birthday Gaiw! The dress is very pretty. The bows at the wrist add a little something I love.

    1. Thank you! I struggled with those bows, but I'm so glad I didn't skip them!