Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gusseted Coin Purse Pattern

  Remember the purple and pink coin purses I made?

  I scanned my pattern in, cleaned it up a bit, and have it ready for you to use! This pattern will fit a rounded frame that is 3 1/4" wide by 1 3/4" tall.
  Feel free to use it however you want- It's a quite imperfect, being hand-drawn and hand-traced, and it's not very complicated, so if you'd like to sell things made with this pattern, that's all right by me. =) I would appreciate link-backs though.

Update: The crookedness of this pattern was really bugging me, so I've re-done it. This one is digitally drawn, and is not crooked! Enjoy. =)

  One quick note: the seam allowances will not meet up at the edges, since they are meant to be folded in opposite directions. The peaks of the gusset will meet the dips of the main piece.
Coin Purse Pattern

   Make sure the square measures 1" when you print it out!

  And now, how to make it! You will need to cut 2 main pieces and 1 gusset piece on the fold of each of the following: Exterior fabric, lining, lightweight fusible interfacing, and fusible fleece. Oh yes, and my pieces are shaped a little differently than the pattern to facilitate pressing the seam allowances in the right directions

  Fuse the interfacing to the back of your exterior fabrics, then fuse the fleece onto that:

  Sew any embellishments onto your front piece now:
Mark the centers of your gussets and main pieces, then pin the lower edge of the main piece to one side of the gusset, right sides together. Sew, starting from the center and using a 3/8" seam allowance. (this just happens to be the distance from the edge of my presser foot to my normal needle position, which is why I chose such an odd number). I recommend keeping the gusset piece on the bottom and straight, and turning the top piece little by little as you sew to match it. Backstitch at the beginning and at the edge, then start from the center again and sew in the other direction, to get this:

   You may want to clip these curves inside:

  Sew the back piece on the same way:

  Repeat for the lining, but leave a hole about 2 inches wide in one of the lower sides:

  Press your seams open as far down as you can... I skipped this step and really wished I hadn't. Leave the lining wrong side out, and stuff the exterior into it, right sides out, so the right sides of the fabric touch. Pin them together:

  Sew around the entire edge, then pull your exterior piece out through the hole you left in the lining:

  Slip-stitch the hole closed and tuck the lining into the purse, then topstitch all the way around the edge. Run a line of glue (I used E-6000) along one edge of the purse and in one side of your frame - the front edge is already done here, look at the back to see what I'm talking about. I didn't go all the way into the angles of the fabric with the glue, because the frame doesn't reach all the way down.

  Depending on your glue, you may have to wait a bit before tucking the purse into the frame. I had to wait about 8 minutes for the glue to bond well... it was still slightly tacky, but no longer smeared on everything. After waiting, poke the center of the purse into the center of the frame, then the edges. Use something like a small pair of scissors or a point turner to get it firmly into the frame. Repeat for the other side of the frame.

  And finally, let it sit again until the glue is fully dried. I left mine overnight before closing the frame or playing with it, but it really takes just a couple of hours to dry. And you are finished!

  Have fun with it! If anything is confusing, please let me know and I'll try to clear things up. =)

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